Tension Gon

USA FORMULA - All in one Water Conditioner

For Fresh & Salt Water

Aqua Shack Tension Gon

Key Feature

  • Removes Chlorine & Chloramine
  • Neutralizes Ammonia & Heavy Metal
  • Inhibit Nitrite Accumulation in Fish
  • Vitamin B as anti-stress
  • Replaces lost and damaged protective slime coat and more…

The most popular Anti-Chlorine Water Conditioner in Malaysia. Has made many Aquarium Enthusiast became a Hobbyist and even Sifus. The famous Tension Gon by mydilab is an all in one water conditioner that removes Chlorine & Chloramine, Neutralizes Ammonia & Heavy Metal, Inhibit Nitrate accumulation in fish, Vitamin B as anti-stress, and Replaces lost and damages protective slime coat and more… (from bottle).

Tension Gon (or the correct way of writing: Tensiongon) is the benchmark of product and pricing (range between 25 to 30+ Ringgit for 1 Liter bottle), it is the most used Water Conditioner for many Aquariums and fish including Arowana, Flowerhorn, Cichlids, marine tank and many more. It is even use for transportation and many hobbyist and Sifus have sworn to the product to be the ultimate water conditioner in Malaysia.

As you open the bottle, a very strong smell comes out of the bottle which I can confirm it contains certain ingredients that could help with making the water to be better for the fish. Below is the video and interesting result of Tension Gon by mydilab.

Click the link below for Comparison Review on Anti-Chlorine including Tension Gon:

Information (from the bottle)

Everything outside the required environmental or behavioral needs of your fish causes tension. 

Tension greatly affects health, reduces the life span, and increases your fishes’ vulnerability to diseases.

Tension is also the main cause of a deteriorating slime coat that protects the fish. This slime coat is the defense system toward infections. 

“Tension Gon” as its name will eliminate infections

“Tension Gon” as its name will eliminate tension instantly “Ages” water.
Harmful chemicals and heavy metals will be neutralized. It is enriched with a plant extract that will form a synthetic coat on the fish to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes that will promote the healing and regeneration of damaged fish tissue and protects the mucus membrane of the fish against infection, scrapes, and cuts during transportation. 

Tension Gon Dosage

following instructions from the bottle

Water Change (less than 50%)
10ml of Tension Gon treats 200 Liter (0.05ml per Liter) / 10ml per 52 US Gallons

Water Change (more than 50%)
10ml of Tension Gon treats 150 Liter (0.07ml per Liter) / 10ml per 39 US Gallons

New Aquarium
10ml of Tension Gon treats 100 Liter (0.1ml per Liter) / 10ml per 26 US Gallons

When Introducing New Fish
10ml of Tension Gon treats 200 Liter (0.05ml per Liter) / 10ml per 52 US Gallons

Transporting / Handling Fish
1ml of Tension Gon treats 2 Liter (0.5ml per Liter) / 1ml per 0.5 US Gallons

Treatment Should be done before adding new water
*it is safe for fish if overdose*

Visual Dosage Reference

Aqua Shack - Tension Gon New Tank
Aqua Shack - Tension Gon Water Change less than 50
Aqua Shack - Tension Gon Water Change more than 50

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