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“Predatory fish are fish that prey upon other fish or animals” – Wikipedia

Many Aquarium Enthusiast in Malaysia are a big fan of Arowana. You can visit almost any Aquarium Shop in Malaysia and you can find at least one Arowana up for sale. Most people who bought their First Arowana nowadays would be excited feeding them for the first time Live Fish and watch it chase around and eat them! I certainly did too!

It’s only when you start joining Facebook Groups that you noticed other Hobbyist added other unique and wild fish in their tank that eat on other fishes. That’s when you noticed there is Freshwater Stingray, Eels, Cobra Snakehead, Alligator Gar, and so much more; making their Tank look like a Predator Hunting Tank.

This gets many new fishkeepers and Hobbyists excited to have a tank with Predators hunting for fish to eat just like in the wild, and at the same time; having the adrenaline of sticking our hand into the tank conducting maintenance hoping the stingray does not come near you and whip their tail with their sharp and pointy object.

Well, this is what I felt too since my first purchase of a small Silver Arowana. I was excited to see my Arowana catching other fish in the tank and got me hooked to add more Predator Fish in the tank. So I started finding sources for Predator Fish and got myself a Stingray, Spotted Gar, and Fire Eel.

It was not till I found one interesting private seller located in Kuala Lumpur who calls himself Predator Hunter on Facebook. Saw the list of Fish he is selling and started contacting him via Whatsapp. What an open person! I first asked what fish does he have and he send to me a whole list of Fish available with size and prices. How cool and convenient! I then have a chat with him (his name is Edi). We then have a chat and he pointed out one candidate perfect for my tank which is Silver Dollar Fish!

Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 11
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 7
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 12

Not a Predator but I owned a Silver Dollar Fish when I was young and this would be a nostalgic purchase as it can be friends with other Predator fish in my tank. Plus it can grow big and it reminds me of Piranha for some reason. So at 12 am we made a deal and I head to his place to collect the fish in the middle of the night. Arrived at his house, I am excited and shocked at his place! It’s like a mini Aquarium Gallery!

His front yard has a few Fiberglass Tank filled with Predator Fish for sale and as you walk into the main part of the house, you are welcomed with more Tanks! It was really fun to see and you are more than welcome to have a look and take your time. Edi was really friendly and helpful; he spent time explaining all the fishes and care to make you more educated before you bring home a fish. As I paid for my Silver Dollar Fish, he scoops the fish out and put into a bag and whip out his Air Gun and fill up the bag with air. Like a Proper Aquarium Shop!

Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 8
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 9
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 10

This makes me feel appreciated and respect for Edi as he treats his fishes for sale like how he treats his own fishes and does proper service like an aquarium shop.

To me, it is totally worth it dealing with Edi the Predator Hunter and definitely will make the purchase from him again in the future if I ever need more Predator Fish (when I upgrade my tank).

So to all, I would highly recommend contacting Edi the Predator Hunter for your fish needs!

Check out some of the Fish Edi the Predator Hunter sells

Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 2
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 3
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 4
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 5
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 6
Aqua Shack - Predator Fish Malaysia - Predator Hunter 1



Here is list of what Edi the Predator Hunter has during the time
*contact Edi the Predator Hunter for updated list
**Fish names are displayed in Malay Language

List Ikan
Silver Arowana
Red Face
MEGA Ketutu
Ikan Susu
Red Hook
Earth Eater
Ikan Tapah
Belida Albino
Black Shark
Krai Kunyit
Lampam Ekor Merah
Kelah Biru Thai
Jelawat Ekor Merah / Putih
Kelah Merah
Ikan Tengas
Ikan Sebarau
Ikan Tilan

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