Malaysian Golden MG Arowana Tank Set

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This is a 2 month old Aquarium with a complete Filter Media setup to achieve not only stable water parameter, but also (ikan terbang) crystal clear water condition so you can enjoy watching the beautiful MG Arowana instead of the water.
This special Aquarium was a special project for me personally as I was helping a good friend setting up the aquarium to have a Stingray and Arowana in 1 tank while achieving Crystal Clear (ikan terbang) water setup. It was a really fun journey for me and now I am helping him out on behalf to find a new owner that would appreciate this majestic Arowana. As you can see from the image, The Arowana’s diet majorly includes feeder fish and the Stingray eats fresh prawns.
Care and Maintenance for this Arowana and Stingray is not recommended for the Beginners as they do require more attention than usual ensuring the water condition always in great condition. Basic tools you may need includes API Master Test Kit and quality Water Conditioner.

Reason of selling is because he currently has 2 Tanks and wants to downsize to 1 tank focusing on his most favorite and loved by the whole family; the beautiful Discus Aquarium Setup.

RM3,800 is the asking price which includes complete aquarium setup as seen in the picture and all the fish in the Aquarium *excluding delivery.
The new owner should arrange their own logistic to transfer the Fish in advance and the Aquarium.
For any assistance and logistics, you can contact me and we can have a chat!
For any interested buyer: Do contact me or the respective agents for more information.

Key Information

Kintons TA-1200DH
– Tank Dimension : 121 x 45 x 84 cm (LxWxH)
– Cabinet Dimension : 122 x 47 x 78 cm (LxWxH)
– Overall Height : 165 cm
– 3ft Sump Tank
– Lighting : Kintons LED 16W T8 (2 row)
– Submersible Pump 60W
– Digital Clock
– Digital Temperature
Whats Included?
– 1x 17 inch Malaysian Golden (MG) Arowana
– 2x 3 inch Stingray
– Various Fish in Tank
– Complete Filter Media (2 month old)
– Air Pump with Air Stone
– Kintons 300W Heater
– 3-pin Extension Cable (5 plug)

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