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Comparing different Anti Chlorine Water Conditioner available in the Malaysian Market

(A Shocking Truth!) Part 2


Aqua Shack - Anti Chlorine Review Part 2

I would like to Thank All Readers who have read my Part 1 review and shared it! I highly appreciate it and truly grateful for you all have done! And I hope Part 1 was helpful and insightful for different Anti Chlorine available in the Malaysian Market. Now we are moving to Part 2 of the Anti Chlorine Review with 5 additional brands available in the market. And as usual, I will be using AQUADINE – Chlorine Tester to turn the Tap Water to Yellow-ish Orange as an indication there is Chlorine in the water. You can read further on how the Chlorine Tester works at Part 1 Review.

In the review, I will be comparing different brands of Anti-Chlorine Water Conditioner and I will be adding 5ml into a cup of water containing Chlorine Tester and see how fast the reaction turning the water from yellow to clear under 1 minute. Do note, each brand has a different amount of concentration and dosage, but I make an equal game by making 5ml as a control test.
I hope you enjoy it and I will be revealing which is the best Anti Chlorine Water Conditioner Part 2!

Aqua Shack - Kintons Anti-Chlorine

I have a feeling that Kintons Anti-Chlorine and AQUADINE Anti-Chlorine Special comes from the factory with minor adjustments including blue colored liquid instead of clear liquid (AQUADINE) and some rewording of the packaging. The reason, why I think so, is because the design has similarities including the Red Parrot Fish at the Bottle and the writing is 95% similar. However, there are sold by two different Distributors in Malaysia. Anyway, back to the topic.

Aqua Shack - Kintons vs Aquadine - Anti Chlorine Review Part 2

The Kintons Anti-Chlorine is claimed to be Special German Formula Fish Medicine used to improve the aquarium water quality by removing all the harmful gases from the water.

Priced at 6.50-10 Ringgit depending on where you buy them (I got mine from my local Aquarium Shop for 6.50 Ringgit). For many Aquarium Hobbyists in Malaysia, Kintons is well known for its Aquarium Water Pump, LED Light, Heater, and etc.

As you first open the bottle, there is not really any smell coming out from the bottle and I noticed there is some sort of white debris floating around and a white chunk at the bottom of the bottle. Not entirely sure if it’s normal or I am just unlucky and got the bad batch but this is what I got.

Aqua Shack - Kintons Anti Chlorine White Debris - Anti Chlorine Review Part 2

Below is the result of KINTONS – Anti-Chlorine


The KINTONS – Anti-Chlorine performed well removing Chlorine in 1 minute and looks like much faster than AQUADINE Anti-Chlorine Special but it does make the water Blue. Unlike Aqua Guard – Water Conditioner, the water turns from orange to clear over time. I tested this out and leave the cup overnight and the water still remained blue (and the white debris from the bottle still remain visible and not dissolving away). I even tried on one of my 1.5ft Aquarium and did 50% Water Change and add this Anti-Chlorine and the water turned a bit blue.

Overall, the KINTONS – Anti-Chlorine performed better than AQUADINE Anti-Chlorine Special in terms of removing Chlorine in 1 minute BUT I don’t think I would buy one again or recommend it due to the fact that it makes my water turned Blue and also because I probably got a bad batch of the product.

Aqua Shack - Ocean Free Anti-Chlorine Special

Another well known 1 Ringgit Anti-Chlorine and probably well known across most Aquarium Shops in Malaysia (equally well known to AQUADINE). Just like KINTONS and AQUADINE, the OCEAN FREE Anti-Chlorine Special is also claimed to be German Developed Fish Medicine used to improve the aquarium water quality by removing all the harmful gases from the water. It is economical, safe, and non-toxic to aquarium plants and fish even when used excessively (written on the bottle). I’m starting to see that KINTONS, AQUADINE, and OCEAN FREE is probably from the same factory but with a different formula.

*Reason, why I predict OCEAN FREE came from the same factory as AQUADINE and KINTONS is because of the product description, is very similar to each other. OR my other guessing would be they copied each other.

Priced at 1 Ringgit for the 240ml bottle, and 5 Ringgit for 1 Liter Bottle.

As I open the bottle, there is no smell coming out which I take it similar to NIKA – ANTI-CHLORINE where its purpose is just to remove Chlorine from water. It does say from the bottle that it removes all the harmful gases from the water but I won’t be able to verify the accuracy of the statement.
Below is the result of OCEAN FREE – Anti-Chlorine Special.


The OCEAN FREE Anti-Chlorine Special surprisingly performed well compared to AQUADINE and KINTONS consider it probably came from the same factory. It was able to remove Chlorine faster than AQUADINE and KINTONS in 1 minute and is as fast as NIKA ANTI-CHLORINE.

Aqua Shack - AquaNice H2O Protection

The AquaNice H2O Protection is an interesting Anti Chlorine Water Conditioner in the market as it positions itself (in my opinion) to compete with Tension Gon by mydilabWhen you calculate between AquaNice and Tension Gon for its pricing per ml, they are almost equal to each other (depending on which shop you buy from) and they both do more than just removing Chlorine. 

The AquaNice H2O Protection is a Water Conditioner that removes Chlorine and Chloramine, Contains Pure Herbal Extracts for protection against SHOCKS & STRESS from shipping and handling, Removes toxicity such as heavy metals and copper, Protects injuries with special slime coat healing properties, and Protects against Nitrite Poisoning (from bottle).

Pricing from 10 to 25+ Ringgit (120ml to 500ml bottle) and 100+ Ringgit for 4 Liter Bottle, the AquaNice competes in Price with Tension Gon which I think the AquaNice is targetting a New Market instead of convincing loyal Tension Gon user to switch product.

As I open the bottle, there is no smell coming out from the bottle and the liquid is Light Blue (similar to KINTONS). As it claims it contains Pure Herbal Extracts (similar to NUTRAFIN – AQUA PLUS), it would do more than just removing Chlorine from water. 

Below is the result of AquaNice H2O Protection


The AquaNice H2O Protection was able to remove Chlorine in 1 minute but not as fast as OCEAN FREE or NIKA but it was faster than Tension Gon and perform similar to NUTRAFIN. While it performed really well, a similar problem I don’t like is it makes the water Blue as well but not as bad as KINTONS. But unlike KINTONS, the water became clear again over a long period of time. One thing I would note is that I did a test by transporting a New Fish and New Setup Aquarium using AquaNice H2O Protection and the Fish was doing well with no problems. 

Aqua Shack - Bettas Anti Chlorine

The most famous Brand in Malaysia and you can find them almost every Aquarium Shop. BETTAS brand is well known for its Fish Food Range, Sponge/Wool Filter, Aquarium Salt, Fish Medicine & Care, Weekend Food Block, and much more. The BETTAS ANTI CHLORINE is a straight forward Anti Chlorine product, economic, safe, and non-toxic to Aquarium fish and plants even if used excessively (from bottle).

Priced between 2 to 3 Ringgit for 230ml bottle, the BETTAS ANTI CHLORINE is probably the only Local Product that helps Expats in Malaysia as the bottle packaging comes in 4 languages including English, Mandarin, French, and Spanish. 

When I open the bottle, there is a very strong stinky smell coming out of the bottle and it’s different from AQUADINE and Tension Gon smell. It does not claim to be a Water Conditioner that contains Anti-Stress, Neutralise Ammonia, or even a Slime Coat Protection; the result was very interesting and below is the result of BETTAS ANTI CHLORINE


BETTAS ANTI CHLORINE The surprisingly performed really well! It is as good as NIKA ANTI-CHLORINE. It was able to remove Chlorine completely under 1 minute and the water was really clear! This is another cheap Anti-Chlorine that works well to remove Chlorine from tap water and does not contain any other ingredient that may help with Ammonia, Heavy Metals, or anything to help with reducing fish stress, however; the very strong smell makes me curious if it does contain any ingredients that do more than just removing Chlorine.
After filming the next video using BETTAS, it did not perform as good as the original video. Therefore, in my opinion, BETTAS ANTI CHLORINE is not a consistent Anti Chlorine when it comes to Performance.

Aqua Shack - Seachem Prime

The famous International Brand from the US, Seachem is widely used by Aquarium Hobbyists all over the world and they are specialists when it comes to Fish Care and Medicine. Seachem Prime is the most Famous Concentrated Water Conditioner that removes Chlorine, Chloramine, and detoxifies Ammonia. Seachem Prime converts Ammonia into a safe, non-toxic form that is readily removed by the tank’s biofilter. 

Seachem Prime is placed as a premium product with official pricing of RM35 for a 100ml bottle. 

As I open the bottle, there is definitely a stink smell coming out which confirms it does more than just remove Chlorine. The surprising thing I noticed is there is no written statement on the bottle that it helps with replacing lost or damaged slime coat, unlike AquaNice and Tension Gon. This means Seachem Prime cant be classed the same as Tension Gon, Nutrafin, or AquaNice. It did say, however, to use Seachem StressGuard or Seachem Stability for transporting, quarantine, or adding new fish. 
Below is the result of Seachem Prime


The Seachem Prime performed well and was able to remove Chlorine completely in 1 minute. It was not the fastest when you compare to BETTAS or OCEAN FREE consider it to be Concentrated Conditioner (faster than Tension Gon), but one thing I noticed is the water becomes more clear when I leave it for over a few more minutes (never seen this result compare to other brands). This is probably why it says its a Concentrated Conditioner. The thick liquid is the secret because of the high concentration, you can use less amount compare to other products. 

You only need to use 5ml for every 200 Liters of tap water.

Seachem Prime is probably a top benchmark when it comes to quality products as a Water Conditioner and it does really well. I have tested using this when I set up a Quarantine Tank for my Sick Fish and so far there is never been an issue even though it does not state that it helps with protection against stress, shock, or slime coat.


Not Yet! It is difficult now to rearrange the leaderboard mainly because some of the products are so close. So, I decided to compare their performance side by side and visually see the differences to determine who is the actual winner in their category. I have split into two categories: Anti-Chlorine and Water Conditioner.

Category 1: Anti-Chlorine

In the Anti-Chlorine, I selected BETTAS ANTI CHLORINE vs OCEAN FREE ANTI-CHLORINE SPECIAL vs NIKA ANTI-CHLORINE. These 3 was the fastest and we will now watch them side by side to determine who wins the crown in the category:
*Due to limited number hands available, I wasn’t able to drop all 3 Anti-Chlorine at the same time.


And there we have it! NIKA ANTI-CHLORINE remains the fastest follow up by OCEAN FREE ANTI-CHLORINE SPECIAL and then BETTAS ANTI CHLORINE.

Category 2: Water Conditioner

Water Conditioners do more than just remove Chlorine, they can detoxify Ammonia and contribute to Slime Coat Protection which means there are more ingredients in the bottle. I selected Nutrafin – AQUA PLUS vs Tension Gon by mydilab vs AquaNice H2O Protection. These 3 was the fastest in the Water Conditioner category and now we will watch them side by side to determine who wins the crown in the category:

**Seachem Prime is not similar to the other 3 brands in this video as Seachem Prime does not state it helps with reducing Fish Stress or Slime Coat Protection. Because it is considered to be a Concentrated Conditioner, I added to this video just for comparison for its performance in removing Chlorine.


And the winner for the fastest Water Conditioner for this video goes to Tension Gon by mydilab! Follow up by Nutrafin – AQUA PLUS and finally AquaNice H2O Protection.

While Seachem Prime was the fastest in this video, it cannot be categorized in the same category as the other 3 that is considered to be an All-in-one Water Conditioner. But we can now see clearly how fast Prime was able to remove Chlorine compare to other brands in the market and also the water was the clearest mainly because the liquid does not colorize the water compare to others.


*The Leaderboard displays in order of which product was the fastest to remove Chlorine in 1 minute.

What an interesting result! The best Anti-Chlorine goes again to NIKA – ANTI-CHLORINE for removing Chlorine completely in 1 minute! 

And! The best Overall Water Conditioner still goes to Tension Gon by mydilab if you want a complete water conditioner that can neutralize Ammonia & Heavy Metal, inhibit Nitrate accumulation, anti-stress and help with protective slime coat.

While Seachem Prime remains in a category on its own, Prime is the best Concentrated Conditioner in its category. If you are setting up a Large Salt Water Aquarium or Large Premium Tank, I would recommend Seachem Prime due to the price and quality especially when you have a very large tank since this is a Concentrated Conditioner, it can perform really well in a large volume Aquarium.

What an interesting result and surprisingly not all Anti Chlorine Water Conditioner performs the same and some did not perform well. Therefore, my advice is always research before you buy and choose the product you are comfortable most!

Product used in this Review:

– Kintons Anti-Chlorine : Shopee

– Ocean Free Anti-Chlorine Special : Shopee | Lazada

– Aquanice H2O Protection : Shopee | Lazada

– BETTAS Anti Chlorine : Shopee | Lazada

– Seachem Prime : Shopee | Lazada

We hope you enjoyed what we wrote and we wish you on a happy journey to owning a pet fish! It will be a rewarding feeling when you get it right the first time!

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