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Comparing different Anti Chlorine Water Conditioner available in the Malaysian Market

(A Shocking Truth!) Part 1


Aqua Shack - Anti Chlorine Review - Part 1

The other day during my usual routine of Water Change for one of my Aquariums, I noticed oddly after adding fresh water from the tap with Anti Chlorine Water Conditioner (with the usual quantity) that my Goldfish has Fin Rot? Not just one but a few of them and I thought I had Ammonia spike so I whip out my trusty API Master Test Kit and check Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate and they look fine.

So I wonder what is going on and I had a brainwave from one of the past Facebook Posts from an Aquarium Group mentioning Kuala Lumpur area has an increase of Chlorine in Tap Water. I pull out my AQUADINE – Chlorine Tester and found out there is a high amount of Chlorine in the tap water than the usual. However, for the past 6 months since January 2020, my Chlorine in tap water has been low and I have been adjusting the amount of Anti Chlorine appropriately.

Now I see there is higher than the usual amount of Chlorine, I need to bring up the amount of Anti Chlorine but I got myself thinking; does my Anti Chlorine work? Does it remove Chlorine in Tap Water completely? 

The funny thing is, almost all Anti-Chlorine Water Conditioner brands in Malaysia claim to remove Chlorine in water but I never have seen in real life how it works, and does it work? So I went out and buy a few Anti-Chlorine Water Conditioners that I can find in my area and below is my Review as Part 1. I will buy a few more brands and will review them as Part 2. 

In this review, I will be comparing different brands of Anti-Chlorine Water Conditioner and I will be adding 5ml into a cup of water containing Chlorine Tester and see how fast the reaction turning the water from yellow to clear again under 1 minute. Do note, each brands has different amount of concentration and dosage; but I make an equal game by making 5ml as a  control test.
Hope you enjoy and I will be revealing which is the best Anti Chlorine Water Conditioner of Part 1! 

Aqua Shack - AQUADINE Anti-Chlorine Special

This Anti Chlorine is probably available across many Aquarium Shops in Malaysia and considered to be widely used by different levels of Aquarium Enthusiasts. The AQUADINE Anti-Chlorine Special is claimed to be newly developed German fish medicine used to improve aquarium water quality by removing all harmful gasses from the water (written on the bottle).

The price is cheap for the amount you get; in the range of 10-18 Ringgit, you will get 1.5 Liter of Anti Chlorine. This is also known to be the famous 1 Ringgit Anti-Chlorine (200ml) that you can see at many Aquarium Shops.
I use this for most of my Aquariums excluding Discus Tank.

As you first open the bottle, there is a strong smell coming out of it which means the liquid contains more than just Anti-Chlorine but also other chemicals that potentially remove Chloramine; controls Ammonia and possibly contains Vitamins for anti-stress and slime coat (in my opinion).
Below is the result of AQUADINE – Anti-Chlorine Special


The AQUADINE Anti-Chlorine Special performs well removing Chlorine in 1 minute. Although by the end of the minute, there was still some Chlorine left. Overall, I do recommend using it and I will personally continue using it as it works well and I have a feeling the ingredients contained inside may help with other stuff such as neutralizing ammonia & Heavy Metal due to the smell coming out from the liquid. 


An international product that can be found in Canada, France, and Malaysia. The NUTRAFIN – AQUA PLUS is a very technical product with U.S Patent for Stress-Reducing Formula and contains pure herbal extracts that claim (written on the bottle) visibly reduce stress attributed to transportation, handling, and acclimatization. It also said it can coats scales and fins to protect against scrapes and cuts. I purchased this because I feed my Turtle the same brand called NUTRAFIN basix – Floating Turtle Pallets.

The price is considered to be average in the range of 20+ Ringgit for a 500ml bottle.

As I open the bottle, there is no smell coming out which means I think the smart people abroad have made a formula to remove the smell. The bottle does claim to remove Chlorine and Chloramine, neutralizes Heavy Metal, and coats to protect scales & fins. Below is the result of NUTRAFIN – AQUA PLUS


The NUTRAFIN – AQUA PLUS performed well by removing Chlorine completely in 1 minute. But I noticed the water was a bit cloudy and regain clarity after a few minutes. I can see how this is pretty popular in certain markets and sold in France and Canada as the product did remove Chlorine and I’m pretty sure it contains Herbal Extracts that can help with reducing fish stress.

Aqua Shack - AQUA GUARD - Water Conditioner

I bought this from Jalan Pasar, Pudu (Kuala Lumpur) at the famous street with many Aquarium Shops. Check out this video of Jalan Pasar Tour. You can find in few Aquarium Shops but they are not well known or easily found. What I find interesting is this was promoted to be a quality product at an odd pricing (not expensive or cheap) which makes me curious to try.

The AQUA GUARD – WATER CONDITIONER has written that can neutralize chlorine compounds found in tap water immediately upon usage, neutralize heavy metal, and reduce nitrate accumulation.

When I open the bottle, there is no smell coming out and the liquid is colored orange-red (Im guessing to position themselves to be unique and different to others). I find the result to be very interesting and and below is the result of AQUA GUARD – WATER CONDITIONER


The AQUA GUARD – WATER CONDITIONER was the worst among all of the Anti Chlorine I have tested as it did not remove Chlorine completely and not enough to be safe for Fish. What’s surprising is the Aqua Guard was not the cheapest and its statement on the bottle was not convincing over the result seen. I would reconsider other products before buying the Aqua Guard Water Conditioner.


This is probably one of the cheapest with surprising result Anti-Chlorine in the market. The NIKA ANTI-CHLORINE is a straight forward product and it only eliminates chlorine presenting in tap water and creating the most natural water condition immediately upon usage (from the bottle). I use this for my Turtle tank as it was cheap to use; but after watching this video, I will now use it more often for my other tanks.

Priced under 10 ringgit for 1 liter bottle and not many Aquarium Shops sells it; I would advice to buy online if you cant find one from local shops. This brand is the only brand I found so far that writes their ingredient which is: Na2S25H20 – if I use my High School Science knowledge, it is Sodium Metabisulfite and Water.

When I open the bottle, there is no smell coming out as expected because NIKA only claims to remove Chlorine from water and does not do any other work such as neutralizing heavy metal or helps with stress coat. This is the most shocking result and below is the result of NIKA – ANTI-CHLORINE


The NIKA ANTI-CHLORINE is the best performer out of the 5 Anti Chlorine I have tested in this review as it completely removed Chlorine under 1 minute and the water was really clear! This is a cheap Anti Chlorine that worked. However, as per what NIKA wrote on the bottle, it is just an Anti-Chlorine water conditioner and does not contain any other ingredient that may help with Ammonia, Heavy Metals or anything to help with reducing fish stress. 

Aqua Shack - Tension Gon by mydilab

The most popular Anti-Chlorine Water Conditioner in Malaysia. Has made many Aquarium Enthusiast became a Hobbyist and even Sifus. The famous Tension Gon by mydilab is an all in one water conditioner that removes Chlorine & Chloramine, Neutralizes Ammonia & Heavy Metal, Inhibit Nitrate accumulation in fish, Vitamin B as anti-stress, and Replaces lost and damages protective slime coat and more… (from bottle).

Tension Gon (or the correct way of writing: Tensiongon) is the benchmark of product and pricing (range between 25 to 30+ Ringgit for 1 Liter bottle), it is the most used Water Conditioner for many Aquariums and fish including Arowana, Flowerhorn, Cichlids, marine tank and many more. It is even use for transportation and many hobbyist and Sifus have sworn to the product to be the ultimate water conditioner in Malaysia.

As you open the bottle, a very strong smell comes out of the bottle which I can confirm it contains certain ingredients that could help with making the water to be better for the fish. Below is the video and interesting result of Tension Gon by mydilab.


The Tension Gon by mydilab unexpectedly underperformed and it did not remove Chlorine completely in 1 minute. I had expected a different result because the Tension Gon stated to be a high concentration liquid where you would use less amount compare to other brands. But don’t give up on Tension Gon easily. Tension Gon contains other ingredients that help with reducing fish stress and neutralizes ammonia & heavy metals which is why the performance of removing Chlorine was not fast. So I would still use Tension Gon as my general overall Water Conditioner because based on my experience, it helped with reducing the risk of fish loss.


There you have it! The best Anti-Chlorine goes to NIKA – ANTI-CHLORINE for removing Chlorine completely in 1 minute! 

But! The best Overall Water Conditioner still goes to Tension Gon by mydilab if you want a complete water conditioner that can neutralize Ammonia & Heavy Metal, inhibit Nitrate accumulation, anti-stress and help with protective slime coat.

What an interesting result and surprisingly not all Anti Chlorine Water Conditioner performs the same and some did not perform well. Therefore, my advice is always research before you buy and choose the product you are comfortable most!

Product used in this Review:

– API Master Test Kit : Shopee | Lazada

– Aquadine Chlorine Tester : Shopee | Lazada

– Aquadine Anti-Chlorine Special : Shopee | Lazada

– Nutrafin Aqua Plus : Shopee | Lazada

– Aqua Guard Water Conditioner : Shopee | Lazada

– NIKA Anti-Chlorine : Shopee | Lazada

– Tension Gon by mydilab : Shopee | Lazada

We hope you enjoyed what we wrote and we wish you on a happy journey to owning a pet fish! It will be a rewarding feeling when you get it right the first time!

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